ISCO is the only  Interior Designer

In the era of CET adaptation, you need a designer that knows what they are doing.

Contract furniture specification experience, specification support services, and MRL collaboration for furniture rep groups and manufacturers are all part of our wheelhouse.

that has nearly ten years of experience in elevating projects and specifier resources

We have all heard this question and even thought it at some point.

We create CET components that turn the "No" into "You have that?"

It is quite common to have a designer say no to using your product because you aren't in CET.
After all, CET is the standard for specifying furniture. 


But are you in CET?

The ISCO experience doesn't stop at the individual products. We are experts at blending solutions.
You have unique offerings, so let's curate a library of planning ideas that we tailor to you

We have a very particular set of skills:

We've been in the designer's place; we know how the unique specification process works.

our unique approach:

If you like it so much, why don't you marry it?

We love CET- and we want to tell you all about it! 


ISCO is the only CET Services partner to MRL. We work closely with MRL to seamlessly blend into your brands and resources in your binder

Couture, Bespoke, Off-the-Rack

Our services adapt to your needs, each rendering, planning idea, and showroom reflects your community

We are Beyonce, always.

We are not your average designer. We have an incredible blend of experience and have built a unique resource that you will not be able to get anywhere else. 

Meet Whitney

our Founder and Principal Designer.

She started her career as an architectural designer, later moving to a Steelcase furniture dealership as a dealer designer. As a dealer designer, she used CAP 2020 and CET to design and specify furniture. With CET, Whitney built a comprehensive tool library to accelerate the design process. Recognizing her library as the missing resource between CET and furniture manufacturers, she partnered with industry leaders to form three critical services for furniture specifiers. With the integration of My Resource Library's CET extension, these provide resources to designers that make planning, designing, and specifying incredibly dynamic. Designers' work is quickly, easily, and efficiently handled with these resources.

Whitney loves traveling and is always looking for an adventure, but her favorite trips have been to Spain, Portugal, France, Monaco, Italy, and Greece. On her journeys, she takes joy in lagging behind the group to get pictures of unique doors. From the alley doors in Lisbon to the intricately inlaid wood doors of Alhambra, and the quaint blue doors found all over the Greek Islands, to Charleston, Savannah, Chicago, and beyond, she loves comparing design elements from her travels. Even oceans, architecture, and eras apart, she has always enjoyed finding similarities in colors, details, and hardware! 

sophie, office manager

Meet the (Fluffy) Team Members

sophie + Berkeley

Berkeley, wellness coordinator


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Common Misconception:

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